There are at least 1200 species of ants in the world but fortunately very few of them try to get inside of our homes. Normally ants get inside human homes in search for sweet foods or fleshy foods or something greasy. If you are wondering about how to Kill Ants in house Permanently or eradicate them completely out of your house then this article will be helpful.

How to Kill Ants in house Permanently?

Kill Ants in house PermanentlyAnts normally follow a system. Before coming in groups they normally send a few scout ants in your home to look for potential food. Whenever you see the first sign of ants in your kitchen or anywhere else that means your home is being scouted by them for foods. This is a caution signal. You have to immediately start washing your kitchen without much ado.

You need to check all the jars that contains sticky sweet food and you have place them somewhere out of their reach. If the scout ants get to those jars then within no time your house will be flooded with ants. As soon as you see the first sign of ants make sure all the jars containing ant foods are placed on water so that the ants can’t get to them.

How to prevent their access?

Sealing off all the access for ants should be a part of your cleaning. You need to follow the ants to find out from which places they are entering your house from and you need to seal that place immediately. You can use any type of glue or plaster for this sealing off job. Petroleum jelly can also be used as a temporary solution. Do not forget to replace it after you buy some glue or plaster.

Another useful way of preventing ants from getting into your house would use of soapy water. Soapy water can wash out their chemical trail which helps them follow each other. You can just put one teaspoon of liquid soap in some water and put that solution in a spray bottle. Start spraying the solution all over your home and make sure to spray it in every corner. This will stop the ants from entering

What can be used as defensive barriers?

Another effective method To Kill Ants in house Permanently or stop them from entering your home is by creating barriers for them. Creating barrier can terrify the ants and most important thing is you can create these barriers by using daily usage things. Things which are useful in creating barriers for ants are:

•    Powdered Charcoal

•    A line of chalk

•    Turmeric

•    Cinnamon

•    Citrus Oil

•    Red chili Pepper

•    Vaseline

•    Baby Powder

•    Powdered Cleanser

All these can prevent ants in house and keep your eatables safe.

Kill Ants in house Permanently

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