Roaches, those scary, little freaks of nature that party in trash and transport dump with their bodies. They are a huge threat to your health and can scare the crap out of you if you wake up to one of them on your face. One of the most efficient ways to get them out of your life (and unfortunately, out of this world) is using roach poison.

So, How You Can Use Roach Poison ?

Here are some effective tips to guide you through your roach rampage:

Destroy their base

  • Not that they have an actual insect military base or anything, but they surely have some favorite places.
  • Look for them in the kitchen. Kitchens are the most common hiding places for roaches, where they can find plenty of food, water, and warmth to survive. They usually hide in sink pipes, drains, shelves, cracks, and under the refrigerator. Though poisoning your kitchen is not a good idea, you can still try to use roach poison in areas that are safe enough to do so.
  • Another place you can look for roaches is your bookshelf- or any area with a lot of paper. Cockroaches consume all kinds of paper and other similar material, so you can try spreading roach poison through any gaps between your books or cardboard boxes
  • Cockroaches also spend their time on ceilings of dark, untouched rooms, so you can use roach poison at any dark, abandoned place. You can try to poison any sort of dark spaces you leave untouched most of the time.
  • Check behind any wall clocks, cupboards, drapes, or pieces of decoration on your walls. Roaches may hide there because such places block light and remain undisturbed.

Nocturnal spray attacks

  • Another way to get rid of cockroaches is to attack when they are out. If you can manage to lose some sleep, you can try to use spray bombs or use a spray can as fast as you can at night. That’s usually when they’re out to look for food and hang around with their filthy mates.
  • If you do not want to get your sleep interrupted, you can purchase or build a couple of timed sprayers that you can program to activate when it’s night. Chances are, you’ll see a decrease in their population inside your home.

Lead them into traps

  • Try using food items and darkness to attract roaches to roach poison. Roaches will come running to anything full of starch, grease, sugar, meat, and cheese. They love decaying food, so you do not even have to actually spend anything to drive these tiny pricks away.
  • Poison all trash. Roaches munch on everything that smells bad and look disgusting. They consume literally anything that is dead.

Try not to poison yourself

  • Though roach poison is an effective cure for roach infestations, be careful when you use it. Getting in contact with too much of it can be much more harmful than will ever be useful.
  • Make sure that you do not spend much time at places that have recently been sprayed, and do not let the roach poison get on anything you’ll consume or closely interact with.


How You Can Use Roach Poison Effectively

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