When we talk about most home makers, one common problem which they have to deal with is the problem of ants in house. So the big question, How To Remove Ants In House? As soon as summer approaches, the first knock which you get on your door is that of ants. Hence at that point of time, you are left with no other option but to battle them and prevent them from invading your precious home.

Ants are generally attracted to sugary or sweet substances and needless to say, we have quite a lot of that stuff at home. Jams, jelly, sugar jars, bottles of syrups, you name it. However if you act smart you can outsmart these tiny pests. Here are the tips to put a lid on them.

Tips to Remove Ants In House

Remove Ants In House•    The first thing is to be attentive of any signs which suggest that there are ants inside your house, mainly inside your kitchen. As soon as you get any indications, simply put all the sweet bottles and jars inside the closed containers.

•    Also make it a point to clean up the kitchen using some chemicals namely Phenyl. Get rid of all the waste from the kitchen bin and see that it is shut tightly.

•    Check thoroughly for places where ants are entering and seal off those places as quickly as possible. For the sealing purpose, you can tend to sealants like poster jack. They are quite good for temporary sealing. However, if you plan to seal those spots completely, then you can use better quality sealants, like glue or plaster.

•    You can also use water and soap for the cleaning purpose as they destroy ants and also clean up their chemical trails. In fact, experts label it as a very adaptable method To Remove Ants In House.

•    Use can also make use of odors like camphor as ants have an aversion. You can also cater to perfumes or fresheners to keep them away.

•    Boric acid or baby powder is also worth trying out as they help keeping ants away. All you need to do is sprinkle it on the ends of the floor as well as on the point from where these tiny pests enter into your house.

•    Other than these above methods, you can also tend to white vinegar, or placing strong clove leaves to repel these little menaces. They dislike their strong smell and so use advantage of that.

•    Normal household spices such as cinnamon, sprinkling salt or baking barriers with turmeric, charcoal or chalk help in removing ants.  Placing cucumber slices at the point of attack is also believed to prevent ant invasion. Ants dislike its tastes and hence vacate the place immediately.

Ant removal companies:

Apart from all this, you can also tend to some of the ant removal agencies who are in charge of controlling ants.  These agencies have experienced members who know all about ant extermination with their effective tools and methods; they will take care of your ant issues in a jiffy.

How To Remove Ants In House

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