How to kill cockroaches, to get rid of, is a million dollar question. The ways refereed are only two.

Hardly, there is an apartment or a solo house that has not been visited by cockroaches, rats or termite. Or infested to the extent that need for ‘Pied Piper of Hamelin’ is very much felt.

How to Kill Cockroaches

How to Kill Cockroaches Without the use of toxic chemicals:

The means suggested herein, is time taking. But, the advantage is that they keep your family away from the use of harmful chemicals.


  • Clean before you go to bed: Wipe the kitchen counters thoroughly. Do not leave uncleaned utensils, dishes in sink. Food residue and grease attract cockroaches. Wipe not only the Stove counter but the kitchen floor too. A regular exercise of this kind has proved effective in most cases.
  • Use toilet cleaners at least twice or even thrice a day. This seems the biggest source from where roaches erupt.
  • Leave no crack or hole unsealed. Roaches and other insects are known to crawl into the smallest of these. Caulking the holes and cracks particularly in pantry and store-rooms with an effective sealant using a caulking gun may prove effective. It may prove time taking but it has its worth particularly if you reside in apartments.
  • Water leaks too, require sealing with same effectiveness as mentioned above. (i.e. do not leaving even the tiniest of a leak or crack.) The reason being roaches are attracted towards moisture.
  • Sugar attracts and Boric acid kills roaches. A paste of these two substances requires sprinkling behind refrigerator, dishwasher, gas stoves, edges of the cabinets, below sinks to produce desired results. Boric acid neither harms human beings nor pets.
  • Spray of soap water over a single cockroach of their colonies, kills them all then and there.
  • Homemade roach traps are also known to work. Empty glass jars are got coated with petroleum jelly. A piece of bread placed inside the jar, acts as bait. Once the cockroaches are lured and step in, the petroleum jelly prevents their escape. Leave your traps for twenty four hours, the results would be significant. Further, killing them is ensured with soap water.


How to Kill Cockroaches with the Use of toxic chemicals is the last resort:

It is much called for, in respect of certain species of cockroaches or if the infestation is too high.

  • Getting in touch with an expert pest controller, for pest treatment seems a permanent end to this menace. Before you shift to an apartment ensure, with the concerned builder, about the pest control policy regarding the building in order to get permanent relief.
  • Diatomaceous earth is one such substance, which is commonly used as an insecticide. The use of this substance deploying mechanical means has proved most effective in most of the cases.
  • Another problem with roaches is that they are adaptable to certain pesticides even to and breed quickly, hence it is most needed that the pesticide used is the one that puts a dead stop to their return back.
How to Kill Cockroaches – The Nasty Creature

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