Here we are going to discuss How to Kill Bees Using Home Remedies. So those who have any bee hive at their backyard, can simply get rid of it.

How to Kill Bees Using Home Remedies

One can easily use products which are readily available at home and use to get rid of bees.

How to Kill Bees Using Home Remedies1.    Soap Water Spray

•    Pour 1 gallon of water in a bowl and mix 1 cup of dish washing detergent.

•    Pour the content into a hand held pump sprayer.

•    Cover yourself up properly, or a beekeeper suit can be also used. Make sure every part of the body is well covered and no part is exposed. Even cover your head with a hat with nylon mesh veil and wear a pair of glares to cover the eyes.

•    Spray the bees with this soapy water until fully covered. Keep spraying until completely soaked and becomes immobile. This way the detergent water penetrates the waxy coating on the bee’s body and slowly the bees drown in this solution.

2.    Soap water traps

•    Make a solution of dish washing detergent and 1 gallon of water.

•    Pour them into small bowls which are stable enough to stand erect. Bowls should be of bright colors so as to attract the bees easily. Also prefer a sunny day to experiment this.

•    The soap in the water decreases the surface tension of the water, and when a bee lands on the water, it will become trapped and drown.

3.    Bee trap

How to Kill Bees Using Home Remedies is perfectly answered in the following paragraph. Made from a2 liter bottle of soda, is a safe and natural way to get rid of bees if not completely killing them. Ones trapped, you can use a pesticide to kill it. Simply cut the conical part of the bottle off, turn it on its end to create a funnel and staple it into place. Fill the bottle with a few inches of juice or soda and hang the bottle in your yard. A majority of the bees will find their way in, but they won’t find their way out.

4.    Borax or Boric acid

It is readily available in market for bee problems. If you can carefully get this powder into the beehive, the bees can be killed easily. This powder is also used for other pests too. Boric acid is a natural mineral which is mined and refined and then sold as pesticide.

5.    Pesticide and bee killer

Raid is a known brand for killing pest and bees. Although it should be used carefully over the house as it’s quite poisonous, you can easily get it in the market and store at house safely for various pest problems.

To kill the bees, you will obviously have to find their hive as killing a few of them won’t help if a hive is nearby. Also, you have to be very careful in killing them as their sting is very painful. While killing the bees keep in mind not to hamper the environment or harm the neighbors.

How to Kill Bees Using Home Remedies

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