We all know that bees are an important part of our ecosystem and like any other insects their existence is necessary. However, that does not mean you can live and share your home with them. Every now and then we find bees in our house or garden and it we need to take them out immediately. Here are some tips on how to kill bees safely.

Which species do what ? and How to Kill Bees Safely ?

In order to know how to kill bees and remove them you need to know about the behavior and living and also how they react to different situations. It can be a bee or hornet or even can be wasp but some of the basic characteristics are same for all of them.

How to Kill Bees Safely•    Bumble Bee: They are not aggressive in nature. They only attack when they feel threatened. Bumble bees prefer underground or any kind of fluffy materials for their nesting.

•    Carpenter Bee: They are oval shaped. They create a hole in the ground which consists of three eight inch holes. All of these holes are perfect.  They stay as individuals but their individual nest can increase very rapidly and they have the capacity to cause heavy damage to any wooden structure.

•    Honey Bee: Among all the species of bees, honey bees are most beneficial for humans in many ways. They are not aggressive, but their nests are heavily protected and they become hostile when their nest is under attack.

How to remove bee infestation?

Bees are often attracted to our gardens and our structures since they like to build their nests in those places. It is not impossible to take out their infestations as they are only active during daytime. If you are planning to take out a bee hive for your yard, then you should go for it after dark only.

How to take out Bee hives for ground?

How to Kill Bees Safely, that’s what we will discuss in the following paragraph. The best and most effective way of taking out a bee hive for any ground would be by using a chemical spray. Most of the ground bees are yellow jackets and they become really aggressive once they feel threatened. So, it is important for someone to wear proper protective clothing. If you are going for it, then be sure you are going at night. You need aim the spray to the entrance of the hive so that the chemical can enter into their nest area. Spraying chemical in the hive wall will not be effective. After spraying you need to watch the surrounding area for a few days, especially during dusk and dawn. If you see any trace of any bee in the following days, then you need to spray again. Bees who have survived the spray will surely look to relocate their fallen nest. You need to be very careful to stop that from happening.

How to Kill Bees Safely

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