Pests like termite and bees can become a nuisance for many in your house, office or any other location where they find a sweet source of food or comfort to stay therein. Usually found near a hollow tree or close to a flower that generates nectar. So, we should answer the Question How To Kill Bees Effectively.

Mostly, they are docile and don’t attack individuals unless and until they are provoked, their unusual hairy and appearance and the prospect to get stung can simply make their existence undesirable.

How to Kill Bees Effectively

Habitat of Bees

Honey bees live in a nest known as hive and one hive is home to approximately 80,000 bees which are How to Kill Bees Effectivelymostly known as workers. The hive is lead by a queen bee and eventually she is the largest bee in the hive and she is the only female apart from all the males. The problem occurs when they enter our comfort zone, and create annoyance for us; some measures need to be taken to kill bees in order to get rid of them. How to kill Bees as a complex question finds its answer in the following steps.

Measures to be taken to kill bees

  • Spray of soapy water: – Firstly, One gallon of water is to be filled in a bowl and a dish washing detergent need to be added in it and a hand held pump sprayer is need to be filled with the soapy water. Wear protective clothing that does not leave any part of your body exposed so that the bees do not find any entrance to enter beneath your clothes and wear a cap or a hat and also protect your face so as to avoid any contact with the bees. Spray the soapy water onto the bees until they are completely soaked. Until the bees are totally powerless, keep spraying so that water fully drowns the bee.
  • Soapy water taken in bowls: – Secondly, pour the water with soap into a number of bowls that are even and stable and don’t have the tendency to fall over. According to some surveys, fluorescent blue and yellow color bowls work best to attract bees although some other colors such as red, white and light blue also work. However, it might take some to discover as different color bees are attracted to various different colors. Now, you need to spread and widen the bowls in areas where bees can easily observe them. Usually, where the temperature is above 50 degree Celsius, on extreme sunny days, such type of activity is done. The surface tension in the water is reduced due to the soapy effect and ultimately the bee is attracted to the bowl’s color and it is entrapped and finally drowned.
  • Registered pest control:  – A licensed and registered pest control can help in the identification of insect; because bees built a honeycomb out of wax and it takes specific measures to get rid of the same. These pest management controls are cost effective and provide a quick solution to the invasion of bees at your place.

Different types of bees have different behavior patterns and different actions need to be taken in order to get rid of them or kill them.


How to Kill Bees Effectively
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