How to Kill Bees and It’s Effect on Us is a perfect question and should be asked early in 2000 before Commercial beekeepers did what they done. Commercial beekeepers are still facing an immense challenge as they are facing a condition which is known as CCD or colony collapse disorder.

Discovering How to Kill Bees and It’s Effect on Us

From 2006 to 2015 millions of bees have disappeared and the reason for this mass scale death is very alarming.  A recent study revealed that nearly 40% of the American bee’s population has met with an untimely death. What is alarming is the fact that bees were dying more during summers, than during winters. Jim Doan a local beekeeper became aware of this reality recently, when he was informed by his wife that all the bees were dead in his bee farm.

How to Kill Bees and It's Effect on UsWhat were the early symptoms visible?

Jim Doan being a commercial bee keeper started noticing some unusual signs in the bee colonies. This was in the summer months of 2006, he noticed the fact that bees were not laying eggs periodically and some bee colonies did not have a queen bee in them. When he studied his hives, he found out that nearly 600 of them were empty. It was only in the last months of 2007, that he found out that similar problems were faced by other commercial bee keepers and the bee colonies simply vanished. This condition was later named as the colony collapse disorder. What was most intriguing was the fact that there was not a single reason which could be assumed to lead the development of CCD. And that was a Brief answer for the question How to Kill Bees and It’s Effect on Us.

What are neonics?

Jim was devastated as his hives numbers fell from 5600 to 275 and he still did not understand the major reasons. However he soon found out regarding the discovery of a compound named neonics. This breakthrough was made by scientists from Penn state. The new chemical known as neonics was used in pesticides and it was very effective. In fact the farmers could spray them on their crops and even water would have little effect on them. This chemical affected the brains of the insects and killed them instantly. For example the bees would have their cognitive functions affected and this would mean that they would be unable to get back home. When Jim Doan tested his hives, they showed positive presence of neonics.

What were the steps taken?

Jim along with other keepers now understood the reasons behind the sudden disappearance of his bees and also gave an interview in the Times magazine. In Europe the use of neonics was banned. A special act was undertaken in the Congress which banned the further use of neonics. But even today this act needs to be passed and serious steps needs to be taken.

How are we getting affected?

Millions of farmers are using pesticides in their farmlands in USA. In fact a study showed the presence of neonics in daily agricultural products that we eat like fresh cherry fruits and vegetables like cauliflower. FDA in 2011 also found the presence of neonics in baby food. Thus we are also facing the negative effects of neonics and the EPA which is supposed to help us is doing very little. Here it is facing certain limitations which it cannot solve.

How to Kill Bees and It’s Effect on Us

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