When we mention bats in such a title; How to Get Rid of The Horror of Bats, the image that comes to your mind is probably a vampire, with a mouth polluted with  blood, knocking your window aggressively and wants to suck your blood and you children’s as well.

This is a great misconception about bats, probably formed by Hollywood’s famous movie series, like Dracula.

Famous misconceptions about bats

Although there are some reasons that can frighten people from bats, like their connection with night and darkness, but these are all psychological effects. There are a lot of other misconceptions and false facts that surely contribute in forming the culture of fearing from bats.

Before we talk about How to Get Rid of The Horror of Bats, let me first mention some of the widely distributed misconceptions about bats:

1- They feed on blood:

Actually, among over than eleven hundred species of bats in the world today, only three species feed on blood; the common vampire, the white winged vampire and the hairy Legged vampire. Two of them feed on birds’ blood. The other mainly feed on mammals other than humans, like cattle and sheep. It may feed on humans’ blood only when their original source is absent, and it feed on humans who sleep outdoor or leaving their house windows open.

2- They are aggressive towards humans:

Bats are usually shy, reclusive animals that prefer to hide. They are even friendly towards each other, except for unusual conditions, like during mating season.

They are also not aggressive to humans and they tend to go away when they see a human coming closer as any other animal. Sometimes, they bite humans, only when they try to touch them or catch them, which is a defense mechanism.

3- They can’t see:

Probably, one of the reasons, why you are searching about How to Get Rid of The Horror of Bats is that many people fear from bats because they think that bats are blind, and therefore they might hit them by mistake. Actually bats see quite well. They only see better in dim light.

4- They all carry rabies :

The fact is that only 0.5 percent of bats carry rabies. Actually 90 percent of infected persons had been infected by dogs or cats not bats. If you really afraid of being infected by rabies, what you need to do, is vaccinating your dog or cat.

Bats are human friendly

Bats are more friends to humans, than being enemies to them. Their benefits can be briefed as follows:

1- They eat bad insects:

A single bat can eat more than one thousand small swarming insects per day. Multiply that number by the number of bats in a single area, and you can realize what would we face if bats are gone, and the harmful effects on our crops and flowers. Probably, you will want now to know How to Get Rid of The Horror of Bats in a more friendly way.

2- Bats feed on fruits and they aid also in the distribution of seed over a large area, and that helps in the re growth of rain-forests. That has a very important effect on the economy.

How to Get Rid of The Horror of Bats

Because of many factors, bats have lost many of their natural habitats, and because of that, they took buildings, closed structures and bridges as shelters instead.

They become a noise or odor nuisance, when a group of them are inside a building, so we need to know a safe and good way to get rid of bats, safely and humanely.

What not to do:

  • Apart from being illegal in many parts of the world including U.S, Poisons shouldn’t be used under any circumstances, because that can lead to cause sick bats to fall on the ground and get in contact with humans and pets. That has many complications, like being bitten by the bats as a try from them to defend themselves. That also can lead to horror among children. We can avoid all this.
  • This is not only inhumane and dangerous but also don’t prevent them from re-habituating the roosts later.

What to do to get rid of bats:

1- Inspection:

– We need to find, where in the building did the bats enter? All the holes and access points should be treated.

– To find them we need to make the inspection from a high point, like climbing a ladder or standing on a high closet or something, from there, we will be able to make a better inspection.

– look for droppings or hairy particles on the ground, beside the walls. That points to where the bats entering from.

2- Dealing

We should start closing these holes. Closing them should be by placing a flexible netting or plastic tubes, which are one way entering, acting like a valve, so as to allow the bats to go out and not entering again.

-One-sixth inch should be left both over the openings, above them and on the sides, but leaving a space open for the hanging of bats.

– Put some fiberglass materials on the places, where they gather, while they are not there. These materials are irritations to their skin –but not harmful- . This will annoy them, and so they will try to go out of the building, but they will not be able to enter again.

3- Precautions

-This exclusion process (that refers to the way of How to Get Rid of The Horror of Bats) should be done after the babies of the bats are able to fly, so as not to be left alone in the building after the left of the mature bats. If that happened, the young bats will not be able to feed themselves or escape, so they will die. It is hard to find them after that because they are too small in size.

-This should not be done during cold winter months, because they are not adapted to that weather and they should be hibernating during that time of the year to reserve their energy stores. Because of that if you tried to evict them during these periods, they will consume these energy stores, and probably, they will die.

4- After eviction

-If you have done all the previous steps you know now, How to Get Rid of The Horror of Bats, but after all the bats have been evicted, a good repairing should be applied to the building, because bats recognize the places where they have been before, and they will try to return sometime later to occupy the building again during the next winter season, maybe. All holes and access points should be closed. Maybe applying some pesticides after the eviction would be also good as to make the place unfavorable for them to return.

Maybe helping them

After knowing, How to Get Rid of The Horror of Bats, maybe you need to know the following. Bats face a lot of dangers nowadays. People attack them in the caves and the places where they live. They face the climate change. In some places in the world, people eat them.

If you want to help these creatures and want to provide shelters for them, you can search for; how to build a bat house. You can also buy one and place it in your backyard. They will probably return the favor to you by getting rid of the insects that bother you.


How to Get Rid of The Horror of Bats

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