How to get rid of termites by knowing termite types?

This is quite a common question which is being asked by home dwellers as termites lead to the destruction of residential properties. How to get rid of termites by knowing termite types is the topic of this article which will be discussed in details.

Why properties are destroyed by termites?

Termites are nothing but detritus feeders as they usually feed on completely dead trees or plants, soils, woods, dead tree parts and others. They have got stronger capabilities as a result of which they can use their mouths for tearing the materials from within as a result of which slow deterioration or destruction of woods occurs.

How to get rid of termites by knowing termite typesThey do not do any harm to human beings but all kinds of properties or assets can get destroyed by the same over the time. These insects have got dangerous feeding habits that are very much destructive for the walls, floors and furniture of the residential houses. This is the reason that feeding sites of the termites need to be well treated and protected so that termite infestation can be controlled. These termites are of minimum one cm and some of them are even few millimeters long.

What are the different types of termites?

Termites can be of different types and you got to know them in case you are willing to know How to get rid of termites by knowing termite types in an effective manner. You must know that matured termites are more harmful and thus you should not give the chance to mature termite eggs. Some of the commonest types that can cause harm to human properties or assets are as follows:-

•    Subterranean termites usually create their homes within soils. In this case, deeper and long tunnels are being created so that the pests can easily access for reaching above grounds for acquiring different foods. These tunnel systems keep on elaborating over the whirlpool of time if not being treated and this signifies the faster growth of the termites. The modern researches say that these kinds of termites are not that much destructive in nature like other categories.

•    Dry-wood termites are those termites that mainly get developed on woods. Woods are the main food sources for these destructive insects as a result of which they solely eat up the woods from your doors and other wooden furniture as a result of which they get slowly damaged and deteriorated. Some of these insects are also seen to get infested over walls that are made up of dry-woods and in this case walls get damaged slowly as the insects eat up the wall materials.

•    Swarming termites are matured termites and they are usually found within winged and matured colony around doors and windows. These insects are mainly attracted towards light sources and spring season is the main time for their infestation. They usually seek for new breeding place immediately after mating as a result of which a new colony is being created. They can spread out their infestations throughout multiple locations at the same time and thus they are most destructive in nature. Moreover, it is pretty difficult to remove these termites.

How to get rid of termites by knowing termite types?

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