Our house is one such place where we feel safe, secure and protected. It is one of the three basic amenities that are required by man to survive on this planet. It is meant to provide us shelter, security, comfort, most importantly, an amazing feeling to live together with family. But sometimes, certain creatures enter into our house to disturb our sense of comfort and make us uneasy and at extreme conditions frighten us too, and that what we call a Bat in the House.

How To Get rid of a Bat in the House

A Bat in the House is one such situation that would scare

Bat In The House

many of us and we need to take positive measures to get rid of them. There are numerous reasons that pave a way for a bat to enter in our house such as you may have left a door or window open or perhaps a cat heaved it in, but the most possible reason, in approximate 90% cases is that an entire colony of bats lives somewhere near the house, in the attics, chimneys, etc, and one or more creeps into your living room. It does not have the tendency to attack or cause any harm to you in fact it feels trapped and wants to get out of the place as soon as possible. It flies rotating in quick circles, pauses for a minute to rest and then starts flying again. But definitely it is not an amazing or radiant sight to wait; we need to get rid of the animal so that we can stay peacefully in our abode.

Measures to keep away or expel the bat from your house

Now, let us have a look at certain ways to keep away or get rid from bats in our house: –

  • Allow the bat to escape: – Sometimes its better to not catch the┬ábat and go ahead and open all the doors and windows and because of the fact that bats have an amazing ability of echo location, it will soon realize that there is way to the outside world and will make their way out.
  • Capture it with a butterfly net: – This may be quite a massive task and you may feel the need to call a bat removal expert in case the drastic situation persists for long. If the creature is on the wing, you have to wait to let it land and then detain it into the net. In case you are doing the task yourself, you need to act very smart and be careful that you close the net and not squeeze the brittle bat.
  • Lay a trap: – In case, you are finding the above idea difficult then you can try to tray it a bowl, jar, bucket, etc. When it exhausts, then it will pause and rest and then need to grab the chance to place the Tupperware over the bat with the support of wall on the other side, and then gently glide a piece of paper between the jar and the wall, and finally the bat has been trapped.
  • Blanket entrap: – repress it into the blanket, engulf it into it, take a hold of it and let it go outside. Be careful as in not to harm or injure its bones as they are very fragile in nature.

At the end, not to mention, that these methods could be risky so if you are not sure that you will be able to accomplish the task, you can call a bat removal expert to complete this mammoth task.

How To Get rid of a Bat in the House

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