how to catch a bat

A flying furry mammal with scary looking teeth and a potential to harbor disease causing germs, is not the best company to have on a cozy evening in your house. But with the weather becoming cooler, you are more likely to encounter bats inside your home as they unknowingly crash land into your living room and then panic when they cannot find their way out.

The first thing that’d come to your mind is the obvious question: how to catch a bat ?

But most situations do not warrant an exterminator approach by the people living in the house. Not if you can safely allow it to escape from a window or even trap it and let it outdoors.

It does get challenging though, when you are not aware of the exact place where the bat is roosting.

Here are a few steps to follow if you have spotted a bat in the house.

1-Take the kids and the pets to another room. While it is very unlikely that the bat will swoop down and try to bite your jugular ala Dracula, it is better to keep the kids and pets away because the bat may be injured or sick.

2-Wear a thick gloves or roll up a t-shirt. Now wait for the bat to land. If you have spotted it and can catch it with the rolled t-shirt or with your gloves, you can make the attempt. Never attempt to catch it with your bare hands. Bats can deliver a nasty bite and it may even be rabid.

3-Some people have been successful in using a large Tupperware container to trap the bat and then release it outside the house. But if you feel uncomfortable or are unsure about any of this, then it is best to seek professional assistance from a pest control company that specializes in handling wildlife pest infestations.

Attempting to catch the bat with a fishing net by the wing or swinging a baseball bat at it, is an outrageous idea that mostly results in an injured animal and sometimes injures you too.

Dealing with the bat problem

Once you have dealt with the problem, you should try and identify the entry point from which the bat gained access into the home. Rather than trying to find out how to catch a bat, your focus should be to eliminate the chances of bats and other pests entering your home.

In most cases, the bats may already be living in a wall or in the attic and may have gone undetected for a couple of years.

Oh yes, that’s completely possible.

If you are able to locate the entry exit points that these creatures are using to get in and out of your home, then you may consider using a special cage to catch them, so that they can be humanely released outside the house.

Most people who look for information on how to catch a bat may end up injuring the animal because they have very fragile bones. So, it is best recommended that you call pest control experts who will be able to trap the animal easily and release it at a safe place away from your home.

Remember, a bat can keep the insect population in check. There is no reason for you to kill it unless it is
rabid and sick.

How To Catch A Bat

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