Get Rid Of Ants In House Permanently is considered one of the most important topics these days. If you are staying in one of the Southern states of United States, you would be alarmed when you have swarms of reddish brown ants visiting you during the summer.

These ants are common household pests in states like Florida and Texas. Studies undertaken to study these ants by a researcher named “Edward LeBrun” from University of Texas has indicated that these ants create electrical damage which would cost around $146.5 million annually. In fact these ants infest in areas surrounded by electrical wires, as they feel cold and the electrical wires radiates warmth. However the sad part is that they get electrocuted and this also leads to problems in the electrical connections.

How To Get Rid Of Ants In House Permanently?

Get Rid Of Ants In House PermanentlyUsing powerful pesticides is an easy way to Get Rid Of Ants In House Permanently. But these powerful pesticides are effective as they contain chemicals. These chemicals could create major health damages like :

•    Complications in the endocrine system: If you have been using pesticides regularly to kill ants, then you might be exposed to problems in your endocrine system. A simple example here would be that the male hormone would be blocked and this would lead to fertility problems.

•    Signs of brain damage: Farmer using large amounts of pesticides which have strong chemicals in them are more prone to suffer from brain damages. Here after a few years he would have problems in speaking correctly and also be unable to recognize colors and numbers.

What is the solution available?

In order to keep the harmful effects of chemicals away for yourself and your family members, it is essential that you use natural home remedies which are easy to make and very potent. Here are a few quick solutions:

•    Vinegar and Lemon Juice Mixture: You would be surprised when you understand the high potency vinegar enjoys when used to eradicate ants. Here is how you make an effective vinegar and lemon juice spray. You mix equal portion of freshly squeezed lemon juice and white vinegar and mix them well. Then add them into a clean plastic bottle and spray over the infested ant’s area. Undertake this routine on a daily basis and very soon you will Get Rid Of Ants In House Permanently.

•    Essential Oils: Different types of essential oils can be used to kill ants and remove them from your home premises. It is essential that you understand that when you have a worker ant finding food around your home, a scented trail is marked for other ants to follow. Very soon you would have hundreds of ants following the trail and feasting on the food left by you. However if this scent is eradicated, the ants would not be able to infest your homes. A few drops of essential oils like peppermint oils, tea tree oils and clove oil can be added over the surfaces infested with ants. Here you can dilute the oils with water and then brush them or spray them, according to your convenience. In a matter of few days ants would be a thing of the past.

Get Rid Of Ants In House Permanently

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