how to get rid of black ants

How to get rid of black ants

Ants are generally present in different areas of Europe, Asia and North America. They are among the very common pests that swarm during summer, especially within your house. These ants feed on anything they may find, for example insects, vegetables, honey dew, sweets, etc. They’re particularly attracted towards materials that are sugary and sweet. Here is some tips on how to kill black ants :

You should know that throughout the mating season, wings are developed by the queen ant then she fly to a new spot to mate and form a new colony. To discourage the further arrival of ants and thus, to stop the new colonies from being formed, you must kill the queen ant. The queen ant is usually in the base of the nests. The reason you find black ants in house is because they got so much to feed on in your home. Consequently, standing water in kitchen sink, unclean house kitchen, dishes that are unclean, leftovers that are open are some places that provide open invitation to ants.
Thus, the smart thing you should do to stop black ants from swarming into your house is to keep the house clean, retaining the food nicely covered and stored in airtight containers. Wash the the bathroom often and drain the water from the sink. Ensure your kitchen is dry and clean. No spills or other dust must be lying on the counter. This will definitely restrict the the food supply for ants and thus, your home may not be entered by them.

Additionally, be sure you mop and Vacuum frequently if you have carpeted floors. Also vacuum and clean the mattresses, sofas and other furniture. This will guarantee that they remain free of any small amounts of food that may have fallen to them.

It’s been clear that black ants often assault the meals bowls of the pets, as they’re kept out in the open. Since your pet needs to be fed every so often, then you must use water to clean the bowl often which prevent the ants from assaulting the pet’s food bowl.

If you ever find a scout ant, eliminate it immediately. Wipe the area with disinfectant after killing it. This will definitely ensure that the ants after the scout ant will drop the trail to the food source. Additionally, seal the crack and other entry points to your house to prevent the small black ants from entering it.

If all of the above fails and you still see small or large black ants in your house then you need to eliminate them once and for all. Make sure you have these Items:

-1 teaspoon of boric acid
-6 tablespoons of sugar
-2 cups of warm water

-Use warm water to mix the boric acid and sugar until it’s dissolved.

-Fill little pots, one-half full with cotton balls.

-Cover the cotton balls with the boric and sugar mix.

-Place the lure pots in the way of the ants and let it carry the bait back to it’s nest.

-Clean the pots week by week, including new cotton balls and solution. After 4-6 weeks diminish the boric acid to half of a teaspoon. The ants will keep on carrying the bait to their home until every one of the ants are dead.

How to get rid of black ants

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