bat in your house
A bat in your house  is usually a recipe for screams, panic and eventually a sad ending for the poor creature. Let’s face it. A winged mammal that you probably know nothing about, flying around when you have kids and pets in the house is not a situation where one can expect restraint.

But the fact is that most situations can be dealt with in a calmer way with a happy ending for both, bat and homeowner.

Before we get to that, most people are curious about how the bat found its way into the home in the first place.

Here are the possible reasons.

How did the bat enter your home?

There are many ways. Some are more obvious than the others. You left a window open and the bat lost its way and got in without you knowing about it. You later closed all the windows and now the bat is trapped in the house and desperately trying to find its way out.

Maybe your cat found it on the ground outside and dragged it into the house. And lastly, you may have a bat colony roosting somewhere inside your home. Some of the possible places are the attic, the chimney or even the walls.

If you have a bat colony that you would like to remove, then you will have to hire a professional pest control company that specializes in handling wildlife pest infestations.

Removing the bat in your room

However, what’s more important is to deal with the bat in the living space. Despite what you may have read on the internet, it is not a good idea to try and catch the bat. The creature may be sick and even rabid. Have you seen the teeth on a bat? Not a good idea at all.

Here’s the four ways in which you can deal with a bat in the house.

Open the windows: Unless the bat is flying perilously close to the windows, go ahead and open them. Bats use echolocation to find their way and are usually very adept at it. The chances are high that the bat will find its way out on its own saving you the agony. You must however, block all other entry and exit points to the room to ensure that the bat doesn’t fly off to another part of the house.

Catching it with a net: This method should only be used if the bat is resting on the ground. Do not even attempt it if the bat is flying around because you will only injure it and possibly even injure yourself. Usually, after flying around for a while, it will get exhausted and land somewhere.

The Blanket drape: If the bat has landed and you can put a blanket over it, then do it and then gently lift up the blanket, carry it outside the house and release the bat. Do not apply force when you grab it or carry it because bats have extremely fragile bones that can shatter at the slightest pressure.

When you find a bat in your house, you can be rest assured that there is no one who wants to get out of the house sooner than the bat. With a little bit of common sense, you can let it go on its way unharmed.

How to deal with a bat in your house

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